SM5QA Annual Microwave Meeting

KG, SM5QA Annual Microwave meeting in Stockholm was held on 28 March 2008 and had gathered som 25 micro wavers from SM and OZ. The meeting with great hospitality from KG and his family started with lectures and demonstrations together with draught beer and lots of small sandwiches and snacks. Among many contributions was:

- KG, SM5QA held a live demo showing the practical benefits or no benefits with a very low noise preamp.
- Per, SM3JQU described how to modify a Hirschman 1 kW TV amplifier for 70 and 23 cm.
- Eberhard, SM0FZH described and showed a new type of a low noise P-HEMT device that can match 50 ohms and still keep a low noise figure. An input band pass filter is preferred in a noisy environment.
- Mart, SM0ERR has analyzed how 10 GHz condx is influenced by rain an snow by using weather radar image data.
- Sven, SM5LE showed av very low noise preamp built with parts from a low cost LNB (bought at a Kjell & Company electronics store) and a light weight septum feed for 23 cm (an illerbur).
- An impressive solid-state 1 kW amplifier for 23 cm built by SM0IQC was shown and described.

And then a fabulous dinner that started with herring plates and a lot of schnapses together with traditional SM and OZ schnaps songs ... well this meeting was really the very best of meetings!

KG, SM5QA in his shack. He is QRV on all microwave bands up to 47 GHZ. The top photo shows his antennas.

KG, SM5QA is having a 10 GHz QSO 27 years ago at the Ă…nnaboda VHF/UHF meeting.