25 October 2015

09 October 2015


I have moved to "Aurora Borealis Land" near the Arctic Circle in Sweden. My call sign is now changed from SM0FOB to SM2FOB.

Since two months almost nil conditions on the HF bands. I made my first CQ's on the 40 m band with my new call sign. No answer, but receivers in the Reverse Beacon Network heard my signals. See below.

Sorry. I am not QRV on the Moon.

20 March 2015

Partial solar eclipse in Sweden

The solar eclipse at my QTH on March 20, 2015 was 90 % partial. I used my bird spotting tube to project the sun disc on a piece of a cardboard.

18 March 2015

Aurora March 17 2015

Aurora view on March 17 2015 in Boden, KP05vs.
The antenna is 1970´s Cushcraft Halo for 144 MHz.

05 March 2015

My shack layout

5 March 2015

12 October 2012

24 January 2015

How to check SMFF activity

Hunting (visiting) Swedish nature reserves and national parks for worked nature reserve SMFF diplomas or just for fun is popular among Swedish hams. This is administrated by SK6AW SMFF.

On the SK6AW SMFF page is a link to "Senast aktiva" (latest active). This is of great help to see where and when and on wich band/frequency SMFF stations recently have been active. The photo below shows recent SMFF activity on my mobile phone as it was on March 13, 2014 13:18 UTC.

Another easy way to be informed about SMFF activity is by listening to an Internet SDR radio while driving. In the video clip below I am listening to a SDR radio in Holland. This is when I am near a nature reserve called Torsmyran SMFF-2331 in Nordmaling in northern Sweden.

Some of my nature reserve visits in 2014 in northern Sweden are described (photos and videos) here.