11 May 2009

Bird Sounds

I got a call today from my daughter Jenny telling me that she probably has, close to her house, an Eurasian Wryneck (Göktyta) waking her up in the mornings. She lives nearby Nora in western middle Sweden. With assistance of the xeno-canto web site it was easy to confirm by phone that the bird is a Wryneck. The xeno-canto site has a large searchable database of world bird sounds. The database is built up by recordings contributed by birders. The recording my daughter and I listened to was made by Patrik Åberg in Västergötland in Sweden.

I have done a few recordings with my H2 Recorder from Zoom Corporation. Here you can see the recorder and hear a recording from last year.

Photos of birders and birds

This is Olle Bernard, famous since the very first observed Yellow-browed Bunting in January 2009 in Sweden. He and some other birders and birds photographed between April 1 and May 7 can be seen here (text is in Swedish).