11 September 2012

Ham Radio in Nature Reserve Åkerby

Visited, on September 8, the Åkerby nature reserve (KP05ow), located ca. 40 km NW from my SM2 QTH (KP05vs) in Boden in northern Sweden. The reserve is very small, only ca. 100x200 m. Maybe it is Sweden's smallest reserve. After ca. 1 km walk, through a partially windfall and sparse pine forest, the reserve was reached. The reserve is dense with trees and a small stream serves as a boorder line. I have visited this gem several times before, but without a radio. Now I took a chance to run the radio despite the dense woods. And it worked with the FT-817 5 W and the 8 m vertical antenna. Nine SM CW QSOs was the result on the 40 m band.

This nature reserve´s main attraction is in early summertime, when rare Lady's slipper and Noma orchids can be seen,

Orchid photos from previous visits are here:


and here: http://krysslistor.blogspot.se/2011/06/nornor.html

Ham Radio in Nature Reserve Vuollerimskogen

On September 3 I visited the recent established nature reserve Vuollerimskogen (KP06hk) in Lapland, near the Arctic Circle. It was easy to reach by car, only one hour's drive from my SM0FOB/2 QTH in Boden. My car setup was a FT-857D 50 W and a G-whip mounted on the towbar. Six SM CW QSO´s on 40 m was the result. The Saint Petersburg TV station carrier on 49.750 MHz was heard via aurora scatter and suddenly nothing was heard on all HF bands.

It was elk hunting premier with a lot of hunters and shooting nearby. On the way home some twenty migrating Whooper Swans were sighted in the big Lule River. A great view that was!

Back home weak northern lights could be seen. The big white spot is the full moon and the small white spot, near the horizon, is the planet Jupiter.

QRP from Nature Reserve Gammelstadsviken

On September 6 our dog Pepita and I took a walk in the woods to a bird tower in nature reserve Gammelstadsviken. This reserve in KP15ap is situated not so far from the city Luleå i northern Sweden. A previous attempt to reach the tower last year was interrupted when Pepita caught sight/smell of bear droppings on the trail and refused to continue. At site I erected my 8 m vertikal, but it started to rain so I moved it to the top of the tower. My 5 W from the FT-817 sometimes was not enough, but I managed to work nine SM stations on CW on the 40 m band. One of them was also a portable station, SM4EDK/P in JP70pg.