06 January 2014

Save and display QSL cards

I would say that "ending" a QSO by sending and receiving a QSL card is half the QSO. But today many prefer not to use QSL cards and instead confirming QSO´s on-line. For receiving many types of diplomas QSL cards are still needed. I like the paper format. Some cards are master pieces in design and other just contain necessary information. I think it is rather common for me and others that the cards are archived in shoe boxes etc. and then forgotten. Maybe a better way is to have them on display on a PC screen or in a digital photo frame.
This super small scanner is well suited for scanning QSL cards. It takes less than five seconds to scan one card. The files are saved on an ordinary memory card that can be put into a digital photo frame or into a PC for saving and possible editing or a slide show.

The scanner I am using is the Agfa Portable Photo Scanner AS1110.