14 September 2009

Movie Scooping

This is Göran with his hd movie scooping set-up on Torö, September 10. He gave me a long introduction how to produce hd movies with a handycam attached to a spotting tube.
He also showed me some really fantastic movie clips on the handycam´s screen viewer. He does not use any PC or MAC to edit his clips. He just uses the handycam´s built-in editing capabilities and then output the result to his HDTV monitor or projector at home. A video is here and you can see photos here of his equipment incl. links to detailed description of his apparatus.

Birding in September

September 10 was an excellent day for birding, warm and sunny like in summer. Lennart and I went to Torö, the southernmost tip of Södertörn, approx. 70 km south Stockholm. Photos are here.