03 April 2008

432 MHz and Above EME News

Since many years Al, K2UYH publishes the monthly 432 MHz and Above EME Newsletter. There you can read about moonbounce stations activities, their equipment etc.. The newsletters often also contain info about new technical stuff of interest for the moobouncers community.

Yeasu VX-3 ultra-compact 2m/70cm FM HT Transceiver

Yeasu VX-3 is an ultra-compact 2m/70cm FM HT Transceiver incl. a separate receiver for AM/FM (Stereo) broadcast bands.
Frequency range RX: 0.5-999 MHz TX: 144/430 MHz
Dimensions: 47x81x23 mm
Weight: 130 g incl. battery and antenna
Info http://www.yaesu.com/

This small transceiver needs a small(!) base antenna.

You can use it as a fridge magnet too!

Up to 1,200 channels can be stored. I am using memory management software provided by G4HFQ.

1921 Spark gap transmitter

A reproduction of a 1921 spark gap transmitter built by Matt, KB8WFH.
Watch video here