22 October 2010

Practising the Sony NEX-5 camera

Maybe it is of interest to see my result by practising a Sony NEX-5 camera. Last week I was on a birding  trip to southeastern Sweden. A perfect opportunity the use my new camera. Still no user camera manual or iMovie instruction being read. Here are links to my attempt and not so perfect edited video "memory clips":

Tawny Owl
Birders on Öland (from still photos)
Driving for a Pacific Golden Plover
Birding in Seby
Ottenby Bird Station
Bookshop Naturbokhandeln
Birding in Ottenby
Birding in Beijershamn

Russian space store

This is a must see. Unique photos from the Moscow Aviation Institute can be watched here. Among many photos is one of a lunar lander meant for a manned landing! Also nice photos of different antennas can be seen. This made me remember a space exhibition called Man in Cosmos in 1966 at the Technical Museum in Stockholm. It was mostly filled with space things from Russia. The exhibition was opened by Valentina Tereshkova, first woman in space.

Also the U.S. astronout John Glenn was there. The first american to orbit the Earth.  One thing I do remember very well was a rather big round space capsule for housing cosmonouts. The interior gave me Jules Verne vibes. Round windows and a brass holding bar was the only fitting. It was used in space as can be seen in the video below. It would be nice to know if anyone reading this may know any details about the capsule. In January next year the the Technical Museum will host a very big space exhibition again called NASA - A Human Adventure,  a world premiere.

Many thanks to Lars Sundin for providing the photos above