18 January 2012

Receiving PJ4C Bonaire 2012

This morning before sunrise I did listen on QSOs with P4C Bonaire 2012 DXpedition. It was on the 80 m band. PJ4C was weak but readable using my G5RV antenna. Today sunrise here is at 08:16 and sunset at 13:11 UTC.

Bonaire in the Caribbean was part of Netherlands Antilles until the country´s dissolution on October 10, 2010, when the island (including the islet Klein Bonaire) became a special municipality within the country of the Netherlands.


You can see where I and some other radio amateurs are driving or are located for the moment. Get the live map from aprs.fi or click on a link below (maximum 300 stations per search are shown)

SM0FOB Kjell SM0XDO Petri SM7EQX Leif SM-stations SA-stations SK-stations OH-stations OZ-stations LA-stations

How this system works is explained here

The live map below is showing my fixed position or my car´s position, speed, direction and height a. s. l.