12 April 2009

Visit To A Summer Farm

Today a sunny and warm day up in the mountains near Boden in Sweden.

Norramarka is a preserved and very old summer farm (fäbod) on the mountain Petberget.


Margareta and Lisbeth preparing coffee and cookies. Pepita is very very interested.

Alf, dog owner of Nalle, has lit the fire. Nalle is a mix of a Kelpie and a Lap Dog.
See video here.

Midnight Mass In Boden

Lisbeth waiting in the dark outside Överluleå church for the Easter Midnight Mass to start.

Överluleå church in Boden, Sweden was built 1831.

The mass started outside the church.

The choir Living Spirit. See video here.

Carl Sagan

An amazing photo of the famous astronomer Carl Sagan (1934-1996) standing in front of a model of the Mars Viking Lander. Yesterday there was a radio programme about Carl Sagan by the physicist and broadcaster Brian Cox. Five days left to listen to the 45 minutes programme on BBC.