Receiving JT65-HF sigs

Unmanned mini space shuttle

Ham Radio on board ISS

Meat and Blu-ray

Dog Antenna

Practising the Sony NEX-5 camera

Russian space store

The digital camera Sony NEX-5

Morse with Bebot

Antique vacuum tube

SK0QO Field Day

Flight tracks

Weather conditions

100 years since first flight in Sweden


Northern events

Greetings from space

NAC 144 - July 2010

50 MHz Balcony

Modifierad Mini-Paddle

50 MHz indicator for radio conditions

Mobile on the 6 m band

NAC 432 MHz

NAC 144 MHz

Cheap yagis without needing to drill booms

The Mizuho MX-7S QRP SSB/CW transceiver

Flea market in Nykvarn