Receiving JT65-HF sigs

Bought the November issue of CQ Magazine. This magazine is always one month late in Swedish magazine stores and the cost is almost tripled from 6 USD in the U.S.A. to 15 USD here. In this issue is a comprehensive article about JT65A modes: Communicating Under the Noise JT65A on HF - Part II by W6DTW and NW7US. With nothing special to do this afternoon up i northern Sweden, snowing and cold outside, I decided to do a receiving test and downloaded the JT65-HF software. After program set-up I did register on and started the map on As a receiver I did use my Yaesu FT-817 on 14.076 MHz. No physical connection between my MacBook and the FT-817, only high loudspeaker volume. You need to have an Internet connection. My antenna was the dog´s wire. After ca 15 minutes of decoding a DX was received,  YV6BFE in Venezuela. The distance between us is 8,933 km.


KL8DX said…
Kjell - I have been enjoying that mode for the last week or so. Lots of good DX heard and worked. My polar path to Europe has issues with PSK31 so I'm hoping this will be a good alternative to decoding through the flutter. Nice blog! 73, Phil KL8DX
Many thanks for your comment Phil. These digital modes are fascinating. Happy New Year de Kjell!