The Mizuho MX-7S QRP SSB/CW transceiver

When visiting ham radio flea markets it happens that I found items that "might be useful somtime". This time in Nykvarn I definitevely found such an item. Little money for a  Mizuho MX-7S QRP SSB/CW transceiver was irrestisibly. The transceiver in mint condition was sold by Rolf, SM0LJF. It covers 7.000 7.050 MHz and the output power is 2 W.

Rolf has replaced the battery holder with an electronic CW keyer.


Peter Love said…
Hi Kjell, I have collected over the last six years five Mizuho radios, two of them are 2mtrs one for 40mtrs one for 20mts and one for 6mts, I also have the Mizuho side tone unit and dc-dc unit, just in the last week I have bought from Ebay the matching RF amplifier for the MX-7S, interesting in your picture that the case has been bent a little to squash in the keyer unit. I do not have the instruction sheet that I see in the picture, is it possible for you to PDF you copy and send it to me via email ?. My MX-7S came to me with xtls fitted for the SSB portion of the band, I now have a pair of xtls for the CW section.
Kind regards
Peter G0KOK, G6USA, 8P9CC fists # 13226.