NAC 144 MHz

Yesterday evening, June 1st, it was time for the monthly NAC Tuesday contest on 144 MHz. Now I could test my HB 6 element yagi again. To make contesters happy I choosed a location in the QTH locator square JO98. There are no active VHF hams living in this square and it is not so easy to find suitable portable locations for VHF. Therefore this square is wanted by many hams in Europe. It has ranking place 26 of 2,203 squares.

I was only active for 1 1/2 hours, Too many mosquitos ... and I had to climb over a barber wire fence when I had to point the antenna .... This is the result with my QRP station:

Below are two maps generated from the Find QTH Locator site showing that the JO98 square mostly "consist" of sea water.