Flea market in Nykvarn

The Swedish radio club SK0MK - Mälardalens Radioamatörer - held its annual leaf market in Nykvarn 50 km SW of Stockholm. It is a small and nice market where you have time to meet old friends and meet radio amateurs you have not met before. This is Hasse, SM0BYD who is a regular visitor. He is a CW champion and I have seen him in action!

She told me that it is the XYL´s duty to carry her husband´s beloved HB9CV antenna!

This is Nils, SM5EIT. I have not met him before. I just took this photo of Nils resting beside the table with ICOM´s new transceiver IC-7600 on it.

The surroundings are lovely. This couple did not attend the leaf market of course. They were posing for a wedding photo.

Some more photos can be seen here.