100 years since first flight in Sweden

To celebrate the first flight in Sweden 100 years ago the old aircraft a Blériot XI/Thulin type A, license built in Sweden in 1918, made its premier flight in Stockholm this weekend. I do remember this aircraft as a little kid visiting the Technical Museum in Stockholm and seeing it hanging in the museum roof. This museum aircraft has probably never being used other than to provide spare parts. The brave pilot this time was Mikael Carlson and he says as this aircraft has no instruments you have to fly it by feeling it! Below are two videos provided by the Technical Museum, one is showing the rollout to the "grass airfield" close to the museum and the other showing Mikael Carlson making a pre-flight test with the renovated Blériot before the airshow the following day. The drawing above is from the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet on August 20.
Update Sep 8: Tomas P told me that this aircraft has no throttle control. Instead the engine is switched on and off!

Build your own flying Blériot! The Swedish company MJD Models has a limited supply of building kits.