Bird watching trip to Gotland

The coming week, I and two friends (bird experts) will travel to the Swedish island Gotland in the Baltic Sea. Gotland, the biggest island in the Baltic Sea, is famous among birders and wildflower lovers. The high speed car ferry leaves Nynäshamn (60 km south of Stockholm) for Visby, the city on Gotland. The ferry trip takes about 3.5 hours.

We will start our activities in the southernmost part looking for migrating birds and make a visit to the Sundre bird observatory station. We also hope to be able to visit the Lars Jonsson museum. He is world-known for his bird art paintings and bird books and guides.

Close to Gotland on the west side we plan to visit the island Stora Karlsö. After Yellowstone National Park in the U.S., Stora Karlsö is the second oldest natural reserve in the world, first and foremost known for its abundant bird life, in particular the many colonies of breeding guillemots and razorbills. In the summer 1950 on Stora Karlsö the famous American ornithologist Roger Tory Peterson (1908-1996) met for the first time James Fisher (-1970), the English authority on sea birds. Three years later they started an amazing 100-day field trip on the America continent. Their long trip resulted in the book, Wild America - The legendary story of two great naturalists on the road - sold in more than 10 million copies. I can recommend this great book.

I will only bring with me the Yaesu HT VX-3. On the island Gotland are two repeaters (VHF & UHF).