SM0FOB/p in the NAC

Every month on the first Tuesday there is the Nordic Activity Contest on the 144 MHz band. Points are counted as number of QSO´s, distance and every new QTH locator being worked. In the locator square JO98 nearby my QTH there are no active VHF radio amateurs living and the square is seldom activated. So I decided to go there yesterday evening to take part in the contest for an hour or so. The place where I went by car is on the island Muskö, about 40 km SE of Stockholm. There is no bridge to the island. Instead there is a 3 km tunnel (only allowed for cars and buses). On the island is a very big underground naval base in the mountain.

Inside my car with the remote head of the Yaesu FT-857 50 Watt transceiver on 144 MHz.

In the trunk is the 45 Ah battery, the FT-857 main unit and the collapseable HB9CV 144/432 MHz antenna.
I only worked 8 QSO´s on SSB from JO98bx. There was almost none CW activity.

Muskö naval base. There are 20 km of tunnels inside the base.

One dock inside the Muskö naval base.

Submarine entrance to the Muskö naval base