Sven, SM5LE a Swedish Moonbuncer

This is Sven, SM5LE a mate of mine and a well-known ham in the world community of moonbouncers. Already in the 1970´s he was a world-first to accomplish the WAC Diploma (Worked All Continents) on 432 MHz. Nowadays he is very active on 1296 MHz moonbouncing with his small radio station.

On the photo from yesterday Sven is standing in his shack in front of the power supply for his new-built 400 W solid state 1296 MHz power amplifier. Sven is a radio amateur of the old school as he design and build most of his radio equipment by himself. He always claims that if it is possible to gain 0.1 dB go for it ... and the most important pieces of equipment in a ham shack is the soldering iron and the glue pistol!

Visit his web site to learn what he has acheived with a very small EME station.