Trying to receive moonbounce signals

On 20-21 September there was an EME contest running, arranged by the Italian Amateur Radio Society. I thought this would be a good opportunity to test the new 1296 MHz Septum feed in the receive mode on my 1.8 m mesh dish.

Detailed view of the computer controlled rotator assembly with the mounted dish.

The Kenwood TS-2000 transceiver used for receiving. At the dish feed is a pre-amplifier with 0.5 dB NF.

This is the radio shack in the garage. I got up very very early both mornings and listened about 4 hours from 04.00 local time. Did I hear any signals via the Moon? Nothing was heard. I later learned that the activity was very low because of other two contests running at the same time on higher frequency bands. Was this funny? No!