Inventor John Kanzius, K3TUP

Update February 21, 2009
John Kanzius, K3TUP, of Erie, Pennsylvania, passed away February 18 in Florida from pneumonia. He was 64. Kanzius was best known for his research into finding a cure for cancer using radio waves, specifically 13.56 MHz. Read more at

The US monthly amateur radio magazine CQ has in its January 2009 issue a very interesting and fascinating interview with John Kanzius, whose US amateur radio call sign is K3TUP. John, who unluckely has a bad form of cancer, is a brilliant inventor. In 2006 in the middle of the night he got an idea how to cure cancer by using radio waves. So he immediately started to build a machine out of his amateur radio gear and his wife´s pie plates and injecting copper sulfate into hot dogs! Later on during a demonstration in Canada salt water in a test tube caught fire! This second thing is also under research now. The CQ magazine has a special article about getting energy from salt water. You can download the article here:

Here you can read the article Sending cancer a signal in Los Angeles Times from November 11 2007.

Information in more detail can be found in Wikipedia here.

See also The Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation with latest news about the research.


The link to the pdf article is apparently broken. All the more reason to hope I can get the magazine at Borders.
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