QRP From Boden

When arrived in Boden (Sävast KP05vs, 100 km south of the Arctic Circle) yesterday after 14 hours and 1,000 km travel by train from Stockholm I did assemble my QRP station, an Yaesu FT-817 5 Watt transceiver, in the kitchen. The best place for amateur radio (if allowed) with food and coffee nearby. A simple wire around the kitchen window became a stealth antenna. Yesterday a first CQ from me was answered (!) by Mats SM2CKR in Umeå. Today a QSO with Tore SM0DZB in Norrtälje on 80 m with very strong sigs. And then a QSO with Einar SM5CBC/qrp - CW & QRP Only - with an Elecraft K3 transceiver plus a dipole in Norrköping JO88co on 40 m. The K3 was set to 5 W output. My Yaesu FT-817 was also set to 5 W output.

Update, 9 April 2009: Einar SM5CBC/qrpp was transmitting on 7.030 MHz 09:30 UTC with only 100 mW. I could receive his signals with 429! The distance between us is 847 km.