Some ham radio activity

On Saturday, May 30, it was a very nice weather and in Nykvarn the amateur radio club SK0MK, Mälardalens Radioamatörer, hold its annual flea market. It took me less than one hour by car to be there. This market is a small one, which attracts me, usually less than 200 visitors and a small number of table sales and therefore a lot of time to talk to old friends.

This is Torsten SM5DQ having sold out most of what he brought with him to Nykvarn. I bought his old Kenwood HT TH-D7E.

The classic military Handie-Talkie (HT) Motorola SCR-536 (BC 611-F) was in mass production in 1941 . Pity that this radio in its mint codition was not for sale in Nykvarn.

On June 1 it was still very warm weather, +29 C. I went out with the "new" TH-D7E connected to a Garmin GPS navigator with my APRS call SM0FOB-8 to find a good location for portabel VHF/UHF contesting.
What I found can be seen here incl. more photos from Nykvarn.