Amateur radio in northern Sweden

After two weeks in Sävast in Boden, KP05vs, in northern Sweden. I can assure you that working on the hf amateur radio bands is not an easy task here. The location here is situated approx. 100 km south of the Arctic Circle and for the moment the Sun is up between 02:29 and 22:49. Besides very bad hf conditions, because of none existing sunspots, working e.g. on hf bands in mornings and evenings is not easy because of the geographic location.

First I tried to be QRV in the village with whip antennas on the car roof and different wire antennas. I had to abandon it. The noise level was extremely high, S8-9. Then I tried a noise-free QTH on a small mountain nearby. Short skip stations 100-200 km away were workable with good signal strengths with my car antenna or long wires. Almost all stations further away were very weak. The stronger ones could not be worked because they normally have high local noise levels and because of that they do not hear my weak signals. Not many stations are QRV up here in the north. In total this means that you can be happy if you manage to have a single QSO per day. In winter time it is much better conditions for QRP traffic.