Birding in late August

The massive migration of birds to the south has started. Geese in thousands can be seen resting in inland lakes, as Gray Lag Goose here in lake Fysingen not so far from Arlanda, the Stockholm international airport. Also the Barnacle Goose can be seen in thousands.

Birding can be very comfortable. This is the veranda of a newly opened café where you can sit and watch birds on the marsh land of lake Fysingen. Species seen beside geese were Spotted Redshank, Greenshank, Ruff, Teal, Wigeon, Grey Wegtail, Hobby ...

Master of falcons, the Peregrine in different positions over lake Hjälstaviken, 50 km NW of Stockholm. Diving speed has been measured as high as 380 km/h for a Peregrine in USA! More birding photos can be seen here (sorry, text in Swedish).