Receivers at IFA 2009 in Berlin

In 1992, when the HD-Divine project showed the first digital terrestrial transmissions in Europe at IBC in Amsterdam, the HDTV receiver was really huge. It consisted of a couple of fully loaded 19" racks and consumed some kilowatts. Some people argued with Östen Mäkitalo, the project leader, that it would not be possible to shrink down the receiver to an acceptable size. The cool answer from Östen was: According to Moore´s law it is possible. And so it became. For some years DVB-T receivers in USB sticks and as well as complete handheld receivers are on the market. At IFA several companies showed small DVB-T receivers. The Asuka SK700 dual tuner diversity DVB-T receiver, see photo above, has a 7" touch (!) screen and can record (PVR) on memory cards. The Egoman company sells a 3.5" screen diversity receiver, MT801RSTX-43. This very small handheld receiver has PVR functions and DAB receiving capability!

The Asuka company showed a DVB-T car receiver module with PVR functions. A useful function I think.

For DRM - Digtal radio on the AM/FM bands - there are several receivers on the market. Peter Senger, a keen promotor of DRM, showed the handy Himalaya DRM receiver, which also can receive DAB (!), AM and FM(RDS).