Birding on the Öland island

Between October 8-11, 2009 my friends and "professional" birders Lennart and Ricky and I went for our annual visit to the Öland island in the Baltic Sea and close to the Swedish southeastern coast. This is a famous place for watching migrating birds both in spring and autumn. And so it was year too. The weather was quite cold and windy. Because of the weather many of the smaller birds landed exhausted on the southernmost tip of the island, where the Ottenby Bird Observatory is located. This time it was more birders than usual coming to Ottenby. Maybe because of the Swedish birders Club300 celebrating its 25th anniversary on the island

Maybe the most spectacular view is seeing geese in thousands migrating southwards at Ottenby. These geese are the Barnacle Goose.

Club300 had invited the British couple Alan Davies and Ruth Miller, who during 2008 broke the world record in seeing most bird species during a year. They managed to see 4,317 species! Read about their adventure here Their excellent diary is still regulary updated, i. e. the last visit to Öland.

Here you can see many photos from our birding visit. Sorry, but photo texts are in Swedish and names of bird species are in both Swedish and Latin.