K1JT interview in CQ

Joe, K1JT is my ham radio idol! What he has done for the radio amateur community is outstanding. He is continuously developing new ways for radio communication between radio amateurs by means of digital technology. And this is freely accessible for all. His JT65 software made it possible for me to have my first moonbounce QSO on 1296 MHz last year. Maybe one, like Joe, has to be a Nobel Laureate to develop this magic. In the CQ magazine October issue there is an excellent interview with Joe. A more, in technics, deeper digging interview is provided by CQ here.

Three years ago my friend and moonbounce teacher Sven, SM5LE and I participated in the International EME Conferance i Wuerzburg in Germany. K1JT was there demonstrating how effiecient his WSJT software is. Maybe you can recognize him among the "lunatics" in the photo above. Now on December 10 another radio amateur will be awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in Stockholm, Sweden. It is George E. Smith, AA2EJ. Read about him on the ARRL site here.