TextTV - A hamapp for iPhone/iPod Touch

Ham oriented applications for iPhone/iPod are increasing. Some are free and most of them are cheap to purchase. I do own an iPod Touch, 3rd generation with a mic input. If you have access to a WLAN you can have a lot of fun with it. I call this type of apps "hamapps". I will present some of this hamapps i have tested or regulary use. The first one out is textTV from Throwlab. I am not sure but I think ThrowLab is a Finnish company. With their textTV app you can watch teletext TV pages from some broadcasters in Europe. I do not know if teletext is in use only in Europe, but most broadcasters in Europe still have this service. Before Internet this was a very useful service and I think it still is because it is a free service and so easy to use. This app is not oriented towards amateur radio, but the Finnish broadcaster YLE (Yleisradio) since many years has pages devoted to amateur radio. On page 590 there are 12 (!) sub pages with ham info incl. on-line dx cluster reports. Hat off for YLE!

Teletext pages can be accessed from English BBC1, BBC2, Swedish SVT, TV3 and TV4, Norwegian NRK, Danish DR1 and DR2 and Finnish YLE. The app costs 0.99 USD.