ROS1 reception

This morning 06:55 UTC I did receive on 14.104 MHz my first ROS 1 Baud signals. It was 7J1ADS, Michael in Yokohama, Japan! I sent him an e-mail with the screen shot above and he replied:

Thank you so much for your very kind raport.
I really appreciate this !!!
This was my very first transmission in ROS1.
In about 1 h we will get the moon here.
Today is the best day for EME.
I will challenge ROS1 on EME.
I was using a FTDX-9000D  40watts  and a 9-ele 7-band beam
on a 36 meter high tower beaming to western Europe.
Hope to working you some day.
Vy 73  from Yokohama, Japan   PM95tm
Michael Jaeger

My receive setup was a Yaesu FT-857D transceiver and a 12AVQ vertical in 1 meter of snow.


Thank you very much for your gratulations José. Besides ROS´s very good performance I find it very easy to use. Good luck with the development of your ROS!