Arecibo Observatory QRV on Monday 22, 2010

Joe,K1JT wrote on Moon-net on March 20: 

Angel, WP3R, has asked me to forward the information that on Monday, March 22, the Arecibo Observatory Amateur Radio Club will again be looking for EME contacts on 432.045 MHz. The callsign is KP4AO, the locator is FK68oi, and the Monday window is between about 2100 and 2330 UTC. They will again be using both CW and SSB. 

Good luck to all! 

Update March 23: Paul, WA6PY who heard KP4AO in Stockholm, Sweden in 1988 now reported on Moon-net March 22, 21:17 UTC:

Very strong signals from KP4AO. I can also heard very strong with hand-held 4-el yagi with LNA connected to TS2000.
GL 73 Paul WA6PY