The Eagle has landed

The Eagle has landed! Not on the Moon this time, but in Sweden. Yesterday it could be seen on a live map that a Greater Spotted Eagle had landed in central Sweden. The eagle is wearing a GPS receiver and a very small satellite transmitter transmitting position data. This is made possible by the Eagle Club of Estonia and the EU financed project Life. The primary objective of the project is to guarantee the survival of the endangered species of the Black Stork, the Lesser Spotted Eagle and the Greater Spotted Eagle in Estonia

Today the eagle has flown further west in Sweden.

This is a closer view of today´s landing location. You can be sure of that many Swedish birders now are driving to this location to have a possible close look.

The eagle is "christened" Tönn by the Eagle Club of Estonia (photo credit below). The link address to where you can follow Tönn´s and other birds flight on the map is:

On the Eagle Club´s web site you can watch a stunning 50 minutes eagle video. If you cannot find it, it is here.

Now in the bird spring migration period here in Sweden my focus is to be out in the nature surroundings and watching birds and flowers. You can see many of my photos etc. in my blog Mina krysslistor. It is in Swedish, but I think you can use Google translate to understand a little of what´s in there.