Very Old Studio Microphones

I have collected a few very old studio microphones being used in Sweden.

Telefunken carbon microphone (1925)
This microphone is of a Reiscz type and was the standard studio microphone until 1932. It is very heavy as the microphone housing is made of limestone. The weight is ca 3 kg! Nickname in Swedish is Sockerbiten as it looks like a lump of sugar.

Standard Electric electro-dynamic microphone (1932)
Made in England and has low noise, high dynamic range and a wide frequency range. It was used both as studio and outside microphones for a long time. Swedish nickname is Pralinen as it has a chocolate candy look.

Western Electric non-directional microphone (1936)
Made in U.S.A. and was used for interviews and as reporters microphone until end of the 50's. Swedish nickname is Kulan as it looks like a ball.

Below is a short video showing these microphones. I used an iPod Touch 4G as a camera to produce this video. With the recording app 8mm Vintage Camera it was possible to get the old BW movie scratchy look and with a projector sound in the background.