Sound recognition

Two marvelous IOS apps!

With Google Translate you can speak phrases in many languages and listen to the translation! For the Swedish language you can only listen the result in Swedish, i.e. English > Swedish. Of course you can also translate text. In the example above, using my iPod 4G, I say How are you and the listening result from the loudspeaker is Hur mår du in Swedish. No cost for the app!

With this amazing SoundHound app, songs and music heard on the radio or other devices can be identified in seconds. You can also sing or hum by yourself. I am a very bad singer, but I tried to sing  Love me tender and to my astonishment the song was identified! Lyrics can als be collected. In the example above I did record on my iPod Touch 4G a song heard on the FM receiver. The song was quickly identified as The Indestructible by the Swedish singer Robyn. I tried to identify some very odd contemporary classic music and the app failed. This because I do think this music is too odd to be stored. No cost for this app!