I enjoyed very much reading "Infested with Bugs" by Mike Ferro, N6GND in the February 2011 issue of CQ Amateur Radio. It is about how to adjust and operate three different kind of bug cw keyers. I  have two bugs in my possession. I have never used them. Because they looked too complicated I believe.

This bug, the BUG 140, manfactured by a Swedish company in the 1940´s is a copy of the American MAC Key bug.

This bug is also a Swedish one, built by SM4WAW, Karlo Eleven.

Yesterday I was invited to have lunch with Göran, SM5XW and his XYL and also some of their friends. Göran is a former chairman of the Swedish Amateur Radio Society, SSA. Göran lives a walking distance from my QTH and he told me that Ingemar, SM0AIG would be there. Ingemar is the editor of the SSA web site. He is also the President of the Swedish High Speed Club, SMHC. I happened to know that Ingemar can operate a bug. So I brought with me my two bugs hoping that Ingemar maybe could show me how to adjust and use them. After a having a long and tasteful lunch we, Göran, Ingemar and I, wired up my bugs to Göran´s brand new Kenwood TS-590 transceiver. Below is a video showing what followed.