Hunting noise at home

I suppose that you nowadays as a radio amateur, and with many nearby neighbours, have the same radio disturbing environment as I do have. It is not easy for me to use the 160 and 80 m bands. The noise level here is very high. Weak stations are not heard. This situation has come to stay and we have to live with it. Normally, the worst disturbing sources are flat panel TV and PC displays. Many such displays are in the 24h on position. Even if they are shut off into a resting position they do disturb. Once I did have Philips TV 32" tube set, that in its off position was a stronger disturbing source than in its on position. One neighbour has a 60" plasma TV display. A very powerful jammer I can assure you. I can easily detect when he is using it. The sum of all neighbouring noise sources, incl. my own and excl. the jammer, results in a S8 reading on a receiver´s signal meter. I can reduce this reading by one S-unit, ca 5 dB, by switching off my own jammers. First you have to find them. With a simple AM receiver on the MW band it is easy to locate them.