Google found me!

One year ago, looking out from my kitchen window a strange car appeared. A car with a similar look as in the photo above. Wow! Is it a crazy radio amateur visiting me? No it was not. I soon realized that it was the Google Street View Car. It is still a mystery for me how on 'Google Earth' they could find my place as this is not an official road. It is just an entrance road to where I live. Some maybe would have found this scary and a sort of an intruding act in their privacy life. Well, I do not care ... I am too old to bother ...

This is how it looks on Google Maps with Street View. My car is the one with a roof box. Google has censored the car number plates.

This is another view from my entrance road in Street View.

When using APRS ham radio this view can be found on

Three days ago I visited the club house of the amateur radio club SK0QO. With APRS I could track my driving. With Street View it is possible to see where to turn off the main road to the club house. I have marked with red the SK0QO plate visible in Street View.