When visiting a flea market in town Boden in northern Sweden yesterday I did not expect to find any ham radio gear. But, there it was. I recognized it instantly. It was a japanese clock from the 70´s and designed for use by radio amateurs and manfactured by TRIO (Kenwood) in 1971. With this clock it is possible to see local time for different country call areas incl. GMT (UTC). The summertime was not invented in 1971 so no summertime with this watch. Nor the quartz clock was invented at that time. It is a fully mechanical watch. The battery winds the mainspring every 8 minutes. Would the clock start after possible 40 years not in use? Yes it did! This clock will definitively remain in my shack.



PE4BAS, Bas said…
Great clock Kjell, and that from a flea market. That's pure luck. 73, Bas
Hello Bas and tnx for ur comment. Agree, it was luck. I found the antique japanese candle holder in front of the clock in another flea market one week ago. 73 de Kjell