Mini Boombox

Sometimes it is good to have better audio quality and higher sound level from devices like smartphones, tablets etc.. Logitech has developed a small powerful loudspeaker with interesting capabilities. It is called Mini Boombox. The audio can be wireless connected by Bluetooth (A2DP profile) or by cable. As it has an in-built microphone it can serve as speakerphone together with e.g. a smartphone. I have tried that with an iPad 2 and Skype. The Bluetooth range is rather long. I could have the Boombox staying connected to my iPad 2 in my kitchen even when bringing it up on second floor. In my car I have used the speaker Bluetooth connected to my Ipad 2 when navigating with the Garmin Navigator app. As I am a birder this small powerful speaker will be nice to use playing bird songs to lure birds, possibly being watched or photographed. Soon it is time here to go birding for owls!

The Mini Boombox has an in-built battery, which can be charged from an USB output or from a wall charger (is supplied). Charging time is specified being 4 hours for 10 hours of operation. In Sweden the price for a Boombox is ca. 100 USD.