Beware of Plasma TV´s

Beware of plasma tv´s! They are intruders on our HF bands! My neighbour is the lucky owner of a 50" plasma hd tv. This tv makes it impossible for me to use the hf bands. I have tried different antennas. A big antenna makes the situation even more worse than illustrated in the video clip above. I have read that it is almost impossible to cure this situation. I will not bother to tell my friendly neighbour. I am sure of that he then will throw away his tv. For sure, it is more important that he can use his tv than I can use my ham radio station. It is the manucturers of these bad designad plasma tv´s to blame.


ZL2FT Jason said…
A product you could look at is the MFJ-1026 noise canceller.
Works well to reduce or elimenate plasma tv qrm.
I hope to get one someday myself the local noise from these tv's is getting worse.
Do a youtube search and see what others say about this MFJ product.
73 from Jason
Thank you very much for info dr om.
/Kjell, SM0FOB