My QTH Before Present

The last glacial period occurred between 110,000 to 10,000 years ago and was centered on North America and Eurasia. It reached its maximum 18,000 years ago. The ice sheet over Scandinavia then had a thickness of 3,000 m! When melting, the mainland "quickly" rose up from the see. I have always been interested in how this climate change resulted in the today´s landscape and what traces from our ancestors can be found.

From SGU - The Geological Survey of Sweden - it is now possible to download maps showing the Swedish landscape change in periods of 1,000 years. The tool for this is by SGU called the Map generator. The downloaded map above shows what 11,000 years ago would become my QTH in Jordbro, 25 km south of Stockholm. Jordbro was then 115 m below the sea level!

In 2008 on a hill top in Tyresta National Park, 10 km NE of my QTH, traces from the Old Stone Age were found. The photo shows a scraping tool made from quartz found on the site. The hill was 9,000 years ago a very small island 150 km from nearest mainland. My QTH was still below sea level.

In 1993 a seal hunters´ camping site, from the Old Stone Age, was found in Jordbro 1.5 km from my QTH. The site was used 7,000 years ago. Traces from a hut and quartz from making tools were found. Also a grinding stone for stone axes was found. My QTH was still under water.

3,000 years ago my QTH came up from the sea. A graveyard nearby, close to the 4,000 years earlier seal hunters´ site, was first established by people from the Bronze Age. At the end of the Iron Age, 1,500 years from now, the yard consisted of ca. 800 graves. It is today a place full of magic. See video below.