It´s cold outside

January 23, 2015: The photo shows a balanced feeder starting point to a low hanging G5RV wire antenna. At the left side of the little storage house is clamped a 6.5 m mast with an inverted dipole for 7 MHz.

It´s cold outside so I prefer stay indoors. The temperature is -20 C. It dropped down to -30 C a few days ago. We have a lot of snow here in Boden (KP05vs), ca. 1 m. The Sun is up now for 5 1/2 hours, today 07:58 - 13:31 UTC.

I tried to call CQ with the Elecraft KX3 (10 W output) on the 7 and 14 MHz bands with no luck. On 21 MHz the noise was low and my first CQ was heard by several stations in the Reverse Beacon Network. Henry, HB9APJ near Zurich answered my CQ. He used a 3 el yagi and I the inverted 7 MHz dipole. We both exchanged 579 reports. Mni tnx Henry!